We offer in-depth settlement services to immigrants and refugees who need extra support such as emotional and social support, accompaniment and home visiting, needs assessment and developing a personal plan.  Come learn about Canadian society, community resources, government programs, how to find employment, the school system, parenting in Canada, and more!


Angel Kam: (Cantonese, Mandarin and English speaking) angelk@kiwassa.ca or 604.254.5401 ext 249

Monica Tinajero Macarty: (Spanish and English speaking) monicat@kiwassa.ca or 604.254.5401 ext 209

Maria Cervino: (Spanish and English speaking)  mariac@kiwassa.ca or 604.254.5401 ext 208

Christine Khoo: (Mandarin, Cantonese and English speaking)  christinek@kiwassa.ca or 604.254.5401 ext 236

Maryam Torabizadeh: (Farsi and English speaking)  maryamt@kiwassa.ca or 604.254.5401 ext 275

Rima Noureddine: (Arabic, French and English speaking)  riman@kiwassa.ca or 604.254.5401 ext 276


Kiwassa Neighbourhood House has a team of staff that bring an eclectic range of education, professional training and experience to the work of Kiwassa, as well as passion, ideas and energy.

Meet our Team