We offer free in-depth one-on-one settlement services to immigrants and refugees, and others who may need extra support. One-on-one support ranges from emotional and social support, accompaniment and home visits, interpretation and translation advocacy, needs assessment and developing a tailored personal plan.

Come learn about Canadian society, connect to community resources and government programs.

Get free support on how to navigate various systems, living and parenting in Canada, connect with new friends and community, discover interesting classes and workshops, and much more.

One-on-One Support

One-on-one service is offered in English, Farsi/Dari, Cantonese/Mandarin, and Spanish. Should you require services in French, Kiwassa Settlement Workers are happy to refer you to a partner agency offering this language. You may also refer to this website for information on French services offered in the community:  https://rifcb.ca/fr/les-services-disponibles-dans-la-communaute/

We offer free help with navigation of government systems, including applications and forms such as: BC Housing, Child Tax Benefit, Childcare Subsidy, Canadian Passport Renewal, Income Assistance, Unemployment Insurance (EI), Rental Assistance, Visas, PR-Renewal, Citizenship Application, School Enrolment, Healthcare (MSP, Pharmacare), Old Age Supplement (OAS), Guaranteed Income Supplement (GIS), BC Transit passes, and so much more!

Settlement Programs & Services

Settlement Calendar 2024

We offer free workshops on various settlement topics of interest, and free English conversation classes.

We also offer settlement programs and services for youth.

Pathways to Leadership

Pathways to Leadership (Spanish)

Pathways to Leadership (Chinese)

Spanish Language Workshop title translation: Discover your Body, Sexual Abuse Prevention of Children




Contacts for Settlement Services & Programs

Cynthia Mejia, Settlement Assistant: (Spanish and English speaking) cynthia@kiwassa.ca or 604.254.5401

Angel Kam: (Cantonese, Mandarin and English speaking) angelk@kiwassa.ca or 604.254.5401 ext 1401

Christine Khoo: (Cantonese, Mandarin and English speaking)  christinek@kiwassa.ca or 604.254.5401 ext 1407

Monica Tinajero Macarty: (Spanish and English speaking) monicat@kiwassa.ca or 604.254.5401 ext 1419

Maria Cervino: (Spanish and English speaking)  mariac@kiwassa.ca or 604.254.5401 ext 1415

Maryam Torabizadeh: (Farsi and English speaking)  maryamt@kiwassa.ca or 604.254.5401 ext 1418


Kiwassa Neighbourhood House has a team of staff that bring an eclectic range of education, professional training and experience to the work of Kiwassa, as well as passion, ideas and energy.

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