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Nobody’s Perfect Parenting Program in Farsi – starting Jan 25th

New series for all caregivers starts Jan 25th. Register now!

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Youth Panel

Dreaming together about the future - Youth Program at KNH: Starts this Friday, May 17, 2024

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Celebrating Black History and African Heritage

We invite all Canadians to learn more about the impactful role of Black Canadian communities in shaping our country.

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Discover programs and services for all who live and work in our neighbourhood of Hastings - Sunrise. Our programs are free or as affordable as possible, and everyone is welcome. Get started:

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For over 60 years we have worked in partnership with residents, community agencies, businesses, government and non-government organizations, using a community development and capacity building approach to identify and respond to community needs in East Vancouver.

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We believe we can achieve a lot more when we work together! By making a donation, volunteering, or brining your skills to our team, you can help make a difference in our East Vancouver community.

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