Clothing Swap


For $5 you can rent a table to set up all of your clothes, shoes and accessories you’d like to trade or give away. This will allow you to walk around the house and find some things you and your family might need as well as get rid of somethings you no longer have use for. Think of it like a community clothing recycling day.

BBQ and snacks will be available as well as music and a mid-day fashion show!

Money raised at this event will go towards our youth program’s “Alternative Prom”. Some youth do not have the ability or desire to attend their school prom, so we’re throwing one with them outside of school and helping them get dressed up. If you have any dresses, suits, pants and ties, shoes or accessories that would be suitable for a young person looking to look fancy for an evening, please bring those items with you and donate them to our youth program.

If you can’t attend on the 9th but have some clothes for the Alternative Prom, please drop them off at the youth office here at Kiwassa. You can also message me and I can make some pick-ups. We’re happy to keep any extra clothing that is left behind and can donate it to nearby secondhand stores for you.

Event Date: June 9, 2018
Time: 10:00 am – 2:00 pm
Location: 2425 Oxford Street

To book your table or for more information contact:

Ryan Avola, Youth Program Coordinator or Emem-Obong Inyang, Youth Worker
Phone: 604-254-5401 ext. 222 | Email: or