Frequently Asked Questions

How can I find out about Kiwassa Programs?

Kiwassa staff are happy to talk with you about programs and activities available at Kiwassa and in the broader community.

Information about Kiwassa programs is available on this website, through our program brochures, and by calling 604.254.5401.

How can I sign up for Kiwassa Programs?

For many programs, you can sign up simply by dropping in or calling and speaking with program staff or reception staff.  See contact information.

For registered programs such as licensed childcare, afterschool children’s programs, housing and some family programs, fill out the registration / application form available at front desk or from program staff.

Where does Kiwassa get its funding?

Kiwassa is a non-profit organization that relies on many sources for funding, including all levels of government, the United Way of the Lower Mainland, numerous foundations and granting agencies.  We also rely on donations from the community, and undertake a variety of fundraising activities.

Can Kiwassa space be rented or used by groups other than Kiwassa programs?

Many non-profit and community groups use Kiwassa space for meetings, activities and special events, on either a free or low cost rental basis.  Ongoing program use for partner groups is on a negotiated basis.  For more information, contact the Front Office Coordinator at 604-254-5401 ext. 202 or

Where did Kiwassa get its name?

When the Vancouver Kiwassa Ladies Club formed and started the Kiwassa Girls Club in the 1940s, the founders took the name Kiwassa because they understood it means “little sister” in an unspecified Aboriginal language.  We have been told that in Cree, Kiwassa has a meaning something like: “extended family”.