EmPow3r is a new & free employment program by delivered by Kiwassa Neighbourhood House tailored for adults who are survivors of violence, abuse, or trauma.

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Program Email: Empow3r@kiwassa.ca

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EmPow3r is a new & free employment program tailored for adults who have experienced violence, abuse or trauma and are looking to find meaningful, rewarding employment. We work with jobseekers to build relationships, resources and confidence that connects them with great employment opportunities and specialized support.

Our upcoming EmPOW3r Cohort is offering free employment training for individuals who want to work in a variety of childcare settings such as school age care, family drop-in centers, childminding, or support licensed childcare facilities.

EmPow3r recognizes the impact of violence/abuse on all aspects of one’s life and is aiming to assist people to take charge of their own lives through access to opportunities that focus on personal healing while gaining skills for employment towards their financial independence.

Kiwassa Neighbourhood House, in partnership with VEEES, we work with jobseekers to build relationships, resources and confidence that connects them with great employment opportunities and specialized support.

The program is supported by trained violence/trauma informed facilitators and disability career advisors, participants receive specialized support with skills upgrading in group and individual sessions for a period of up to 12 weeks.

EmPow3r provides one-on-one employment counseling, plus 5 – 8 weeks of Group Based Training on Career Exploration and Job Search techniques.

During the 8 weeks of Group Based Training, the session will focus on:

  • Recognizing, understanding and overcoming the impact of abuse
  • Improve health, relations with self and others, and confidence building
  • Customized group workshops and one-to-one coaching and peer support
  • Career planning and networking
  • Job search skills upgrading and follow up support
  • Financial assistance for transit, food vouchers, light refreshment, work clothing, short term occupational training and; childcare top-up (subject to eligibility)

This is followed by 4 weeks of Work Placement will provide participants with advantage of recent employment experience. Additional financial assistance for bus tickets, food vouchers, work clothing, occupational training like First Aid, and childcare top up available subject to additional eligibility criteria.

EmPOW3r Program eligibility requirements are as follows:

  • Legally entitled to work in Canada*
  • Resident of BC
  • Self-identify as a survivor of violence, abuse and/or trauma**
  • Unemployed or Precariously Employed***
  • Not registered in a full-time study program

This includes Canadian Citizens, permanent residents or protected persons. Refugee claimants with a Work Permit is eligible.

Survivors of violence/abuse/trauma is defined as Individual who had experienced physical violence, coercion, threats, intimidation, isolation, stalking or emotional, sexual or economic abuse and face these following types of barriers to employment:

  • Anxiety, depression, sense of isolation, low self-esteem and/or post traumatic disorder
  • Legal and custody issues
  • Lack of safe housing / homelessness
  • Lack of childcare support
  • Health issues
  • Discrimination and/or stigma
  • Lack of recent work experience

Precariously Employed is defined as:

  • Hours work are irregular or unpredictable
  • Earnings that are not sufficient to support the household
  • In an occupation that will likely be replaced by technology or automation
  • Under employment

Participant is able to participate in WorkBC & EMPOW3R concurrently. For newcomers, the English language proficiency requirement is LINC 5.

Cohort 3 begins on February 3rd, 2020. If you are interested in the program, please complete the referral form below.


About VEEES (Vancouver East side Educational Enrichment Society)

Since 1985, VEEES has been providing employment training with the marginalized individuals in the east side of Vancouver, including survivors of violence, trauma, individuals coming out of incarceration, and single parents etc.

About Kiwassa Neighbourhood House 

Kiwassa Neighbourhood House, located on 2425 Oxford Street, is a grassroots community agency providing a wide range of free, or low cost, social services in East Vancouver for 60 years.

Meet the EmPow3r Team

Nhan Lam
EmPOW3r Program Facilitator
Cell: 604.649.2287 

Jannette Oputa
EmPOW3r Job Developer/VEEES Executive Director
Cell: 604-215-4377

Program Contacts

Program Cell: 604-649-2287 call or text
Program Email: EmPow3r@kiwassa.ca


Kiwassa Neighbourhood House has a team of staff that bring an eclectic range of education, professional training and experience to the work of Kiwassa, as well as passion, ideas and energy.

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