The Vancouver Urban Food Forests’ (VUFF) purpose is to foster an intergenerational, cross-cultural, land-based and online knowledge sharing community that works to proliferate food justice initiatives that address structural inequality through local food production, partnerships and advocacy.

The above goals will be accomplished by undertaking the following activities:

  • Events
  • Workshops
  • Gardening/landscape design
  • Online learning
  • Partnership and capacity building
  • Amplification of otherwise marginalized voices
  • Community Advocacy

VUFF hosted the first annual Neighbourhood Food Week for Hastings Sunrise during September 2021. The week of events saw 18 workshops hosted on a range of food related subjects and with a diverse array of speakers and leaders.

Currently VUFF is working with the Vancouver Park Board to create a Food Forest site at Burrardview Park that will be indigenous stewarded, community-building and a place for knowledge sharing between people from all backgrounds. Please consider supporting this initiative by emailing a letter of support for the project to

To volunteer in Kiwassa’s gardens or for more information on VUFF, please email