Physical Distancing

A graphic showing two people, and an arrow to indicate physical distancing
  1. Kiwassa’s activity rooms, lobby, elevators, offices and other shared spaces have limited capacity.
  2. Building signage and floor markings are placed throughout Kiwassa.
  3. Physical barriers have been installed in customer service areas such as front desk.
  4. In person activities and meetings are designed to accommodate physical distancing.

Enhanced Cleaning & Sanitization

A graphic of an upheld hand
  1. High touch areas and surfaces, lunchroom, sinks, stairwells, elevators, and washrooms will be cleaned twice daily.
  2. Handwashing and sanitization stations are set up throughout the building.
  3. All persons entering Kiwassa are required to perform hand hygiene upon their arrival.
  4. Activity rooms and offices are equipped with sanitizers, disinfectants and disinfectant wipes.
  5. Kiwassa staff will sanitize their workspaces as part of their daily in-office routine.
  6. Kiwassa staff will sanitize the meeting or activity spaces, furniture, and equipment before and after use.

Health Declarations

A graphic showing a checklist and a magnifying glass
  1. All Kiwassa staff have been trained on COVID-19 Safe Work Procedures and acknowledge and understand that they shall not come to work if they have any cold, flu or COVID-19 symptoms.
  2. All clients and public are required to complete a Client Health Declaration prior to attending any services at Kiwassa or with any Kiwassa staff.

Masks & Face Shields

A graphic showing a person wearing a face mask
  1. Kiwassa common areas such as hallways, stairs, lobby and activity rooms are designated as masks mandatory zones. 
  2. Exemptions will be made for children and persons who cannot wear a mask for medical reasons.
  3. Although all staff, clients and visitors are encouraged to bring their own masks, Kiwassa will have disposable masks available for those in need.