In conjunction with our summer series of community markets at Pandora Park, we’re compiling a cookbook of community recipes. We want to know that special dish that makes you go mmmmm!

We’re hoping our neighbours will share a recipe that shares a bit about themselves. Tell us why this dish is important to you, maybe it’s a part of your culture or a favourite from your childhood. Maybe you are still a child and it’s a dish that someone special taught you, or you taught them.

While you can share any recipe you like, dishes should be nutritious with simple, fresh ingredients. This doesn’t mean they have to be fat-free, sugar-free, salt-free. Comfort food that’s cooked with love can also be nourishing when eaten in moderation.

Put some of your personality into it. Put the passion you put on your plate on to paper and share the dish you love. Or you can contribute by sharing stores or art about food…

If you are ready, click here to submit a recipe to our online form