Welcoming our new Executive Director

The Kiwassa Neighbourhood House Board of Directors is thrilled to announce that Darius Maze has accepted the role of Kiwassa’s ongoing Executive Director.

Over the past few months, the Kiwassa board has engaged in a comprehensive and deliberativel search process for an Executive Director who, along with the Board, will ensure the organization’s current growth plans are both strategic and sustainable, and who will provide the operational oversight for now and the future. This process has now concluded, and we are excited to share that Darius Maze, who has been in the role of Interim Executive Director of Kiwassa since February 2023, will continue to serve as Kiwassa’s ongoing Executive Director and to continue the forward momentum for the organization. He transitions to the permanent role on November 15, 2023.

Darius brings over a decade of leadership experience in the non-profit sector with an expertise in strategic planning, community building, and inclusion. Much of this time has been spent in social service organizations in Vancouver and its Downtown Eastside, supporting communities impacted by poverty, addictions, food insecurity, and a lack of housing.

He is a passionate advocate for building community and removing barriers and can often be found volunteering during his time off with organizations that support these values. These include the Community Living Society, Surrey Libraries, the Sierra Club of BC, and the Association of Neighbourhood Houses of BC.

Darius’  commitments to community capacity building, diversity and inclusion, and collaborative leadership make him an excellent fit for Kiwassa. We look forward to working with Darius and the entire Kiwassa staff in the next year to engage in a strategic planning process to connect with Kiwassa’s values, and to envision Kiwassa’s future directions.

A few words from Darius:

“I am incredibly grateful to everyone who welcomed me so warmly and helped to make my time with Kiwassa such a wonderful experience. The sense of belonging confirms that this is a community that I want to be a part of, and give back to, long-term.  The staff and volunteer team are second to none, and I am excited to explore and support the many ideas that they’ve shared with me to grow a healthier, more connected, and equitable neighbourhood in Hastings Sunrise. We are truly better together, and I look forward to the many connections and relationships that we will build along the way!”