You Belong Here



MAY 5 – 11, 2019

2019 Neighbourhood House Week marks 125 years of Neighbours Growing Neighbourhoods. Ever since the first BC Neighbourhood House opened in Vancouver in 1938 a wide diversity of people have found a home in their local Neighbourhood House.

It probably comes as no surprise that in a city as urban and modern as Vancouver, there is a lack of connection and belonging. According to the Vancouver Foundation’s 2017 report on connections and engagement, one in five people surveyed reported that they didn’t have a neighbour to call on for help. The report also found that people wanted to feel connected and spend more time with their neighbours.

That’s where the neighbourhood house movement comes into play. Your local neighbourhood house is a place where you can belong—whatever your race, creed, age, or background might be.

Each of these spaces is committed to providing a place where you can drop by, relax, meet and make new friends in the community, prepare food, join a walking club, spend time around little ones, feel empathy from people dealing with situations like yours, find a sense of identity, and Most importantly—discovering that you belong here.