Shapes and Sounds: Mindful Movement and Music with Desiree Dawson

“This class allows us to tap into the breath, become friends with the body, and calm the mind. The gentle movements with longer holds allow deep relaxation and release as the sounds of Desirée’s voice, ukulele, quartz singing bowls, and other healing instruments wash over you.

A space for you to inwardly celebrate how perfectly unique you are by mindfully moving through different shapes with the body and bringing awareness to the breath.

This experience is open for all levels and all people. It highly promotes modifying any movements in a way that feels right for you.

Welcome to first timers, anyone dealing with injuries or those who have questions if they will be able to do the poses.”

Please pass on the poster and invite youth to the event. We look forward to seeing youth from across our communities come together for this great opportunity to RELAX.

-Desiree Dawson