Five Amazing Neighbours!

This year at the Good Neighbour Awards, Kiwassa honoured and thanked four outstanding volunteers and a corporate neighbour who, through their extraordinary dedication, have helped to make our community better.

Karey Gladstone has been a volunteer with Food Programs at Kiwassa Neighbourhood House for over eight years, and is not only one of Food Programs main volunteers but is also a much-loved presence at our neighbourhood house. Karey really shines in his hospitality role during our weekly Senior’s lunch and each Friday,  and he loves to bring treats that he’s purchased to share with the seniors, volunteers, and staff. He considers each senior a grandparent and we are honouring him as an essential family member of Kiwassa Neighbourhood House.

Jim Leung has volunteered at Kiwassa Neighbourhood House for over five years and is a wonderful friend and volunteer of Senior’s Programs. His sense of humour and cheerful spirit keep others who access our house feeling safe, welcome, and happy.  Jim has said that he loves Kiwassa like it is his second home, and we want to take this opportunity to honour Jim as an important part of our daily life at Kiwassa Neighbourhood House.


Bill Dingwall volunteered at Kiwassa Neighbourhood House for over fifteen years. His sudden passing late last summer was felt all across the house and by many in the community. Although he is no longer with us, we want to honour his spirit and many gifts to the house. Bill’s service stretched across our organization and was always ready to help wherever a hand was needed. Bill was also known as We loved him for his wry humour, were in awe of his unfailing loyalty to Kiwassa, and we miss his voice and presence in our hallways.

My has been She has … such as helping to look after the children of the parents who participated in programming, decorating KNH for holiday and special events, planting and gardening to beautify our environment, and working with children and preteens for spring break camp. She is a great leader in our homework club for Syrian newcomers where she makes the children feel welcomed, respected and cared-for. My has shown tremendous commitment to the well-being of the community and is a good role model for other youth.

The Bosa Family Foundation believes in helping communities thrive, and prides itself on being a good neighbour.  the Bosa family, through Bosa Properties and Bluesky Properties, founded the Bosa Family Foundation in 2012 to support local organizations working to improve the lives of vulnerable children and youth.

Among other initiatives, in 2017, they also launched their April Month of Caring campaign, to better engage partners and staff in opportunities to volunteer for local organization.  These efforts have been highlighted at Kiwassa over the past year through: the renovation of Variety Daycare  including replacement of a kitchen, art station, painting, storage and cabinetry: volunteers regularly participating with our breakfast, food and afterschool children’s program: and inclusion in Bella Notte, an annual Christmas celebration hosted by the Foundation for children and their families.