Food Security

Kiwassa Food Programs provide the tools and knowledge to increase food security in our neighbourhood and to build healthier lifestyles, families, and eating habits. Kiwassa’s food programs include free or very low cost snacks and meals, a family food bank, canning workshops, cooking classes, and community gardens. Food security means making sure that all community members have access to adequate amounts of safe, nutritious, culturally appropriate foods, provided in a manner that promotes dignity.  For more information, contact the Food Programs Coordinator at 604.254.5401 ext 253 or email

Breakfast program for children and families

Nutritious home-made breakfasts are served daily Monday through Friday from 8am -8:45 am through the school year. Families are welcome to bring their children before school to have a sit down meal together with other families.

Family Place Lunch Program

Families with children ages 0 – 6 are welcome to join the nutritious and friendly lunch program served daily from Tuesday through Saturday, at noon in Family Place. Join in and enjoy quality family time and good food.

Snack Programs

Free coffee is available to everyone in our community in Kiwassa’s front reception area, from 8 am to 2 p.m. daily.   Sometimes snacks are available as well.

Tillicum Strong Start Program, which runs daily from Monday to Friday at Tillicum School includes a delicious healthy snack in the company of families with   children 0 – 6 years.

Children’s, Preteens and Youth Afterschool Programs:  Healthy snacks and mini-meals are offered as part of our Food to Grow On program, each day afterschool for the children and youth involved in our programs.

Licensed childcare programs include snacks and meals for all participants.  Nutrition is important to children’s development and foods offered reflect the cultural diversity in our programs.

Seniors Lunch

Every Friday at noon, local seniors enjoy a social and nutritious three course multicultural lunch together at Kiwassa.  A nurse is available during lunch every second week to provide free health services such as blood pressure checks, blood glucose testing and consultation.

Food Banks

Hastings Sunrise Community Food Hub IN PARTNERSHIP WITH Greater Vancouver Food Bank

  • Open to everyone
  • Runs every Tuesday (except social assistance cheque week)
    • 11:00-11:30am Priority Mobility Members (require a doctor’s note saying member cannot stand/wait long time)
    •  11:30-12:30pm Families with Children under 6 & Seniors 55+
    •  12:30-1:00pm All other members
  • Location: Kiwassa Neighbourhood House, 2425 Oxford St, Vancouver

Saige Foodbank

  • Open to everyone
  • Runs on the 2nd and 4th Friday of every month from 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm.
  • Location: Kiwassa Neighbourhood House, 2425 Oxford St, Vancouver

Community Meals and Special Dinners

These fun, low cost events enable people of all ages, backgrounds and cultures to engage with each other within an informal, multicultural setting. Holidays and special community events are celebrated, volunteer and leadership skills are strengthened, and children, families and community are supported and connected.  See our special events.

Community Gardens

Community gardens are a great way to foster growing, celebrating and sharing food together. They also help share knowledge, skills and resources for people to develop food self-sufficiency and maintain health and healing.  Kiwassa has a new community garden on site, and has developed a youth garden in the Wall Street Park.

Other local community garden projects include the Wall Street Community Garden, contact: 604.258.4122, and the Pandora Park Community Garden, contact: Karen at

Cooking Classes

Cooking Fun for Families is a weekly series offered seasonally that provides parents and children the opportunity together to learn about nutrition and create and enjoy delicious meals and snacks together.

Cooking classes are also offered within the afterschool children’s programs and the youth programs.










Everyone needs and deserves healthy food. Kiwassa is seeking financial and food donations to support our many food security programs, as our resources are very limited and the needs are considerable.

Volunteers are needed to assist in food programs.  Contact the Food Programs Coordinator at 604.254.5401 ext 253.