Community happens when people come together.

Community happens wherever people can talk and get to know each other, when people have a sense of belonging, when people can participate, have a voice and make good things happen.

Our local community groups are working together to build a strong, inclusive and welcoming neighbourhood for all. We recently participated in dialogues and community engagement and came up with this vision for our neighbourhood:

“Our neighbourhood is a vibrant, diverse community where all members are respected, valued and have opportunities to contribute their voices, perspectives and strengths.”

The Hastings North Community Literacy Plan

The Hastings North Community Literacy Plan is developed in collaboration with neighbourhood organizations and community members with the leadership of the Hastings North Literacy Roundtable over a one year period from 2011-12.  The purpose of this plan is to give a snapshot view of how literacy and learning happens in our community.  We didn’t just focus on formal “school” learning but we looked at informal learning programs and services like family programs where parents are learning about health issues and also supporting each other.

We collected information through interviewing service providers, surveys, two community consultations with community members, and monthly meetings with the Literacy Roundtable comprised of seven neighbourhood organizations. We would like to take this opportunity to thank those who contributed and participated in the plan development process.

This plan is a work in progress and will be continuously updated as new information and knowledge becomes available. We invite community members, service providers and all other interested parties to continue to provide comments and participate in our diverse literacy initiatives at any time.

If you would like to learn more about the plan or other Hastings North literacy initiatives, please contact the Literacy Outreach Coordinator at or by phone at (604)254-5401 ext. 212.

To download the Hastings North Literacy Plan, click here .

Neighbourhood Small Grants

2017 Neighbourhood Small Grants applications will be available on February 15th!
Apply for $50-$500 with a group of neighbours and work together on small projects to build community and/or sustainability in your neighbourhood. Submit your applications before Monday, April 4th.

If you live in East Vancouver and have any questions or need help with your application, please send us an email or contact your local Neighbourhood House.


Community Small Grants

The Hastings North Community Partners Group are accepting applications for the 2017 Hastings North Community Grants.

Visit  Hastings North Community Grants to get more information and download the application form. A paper application is also available at Kiwassa Neighbourhood House.

Grassroots leadership and community building

Everyone can help make things happen for our community, as participants, volunteers, good neighbours and leaders. There are many opportunities throughout our community to get involved. We welcome new ideas and volunteers, and we are glad to support community development through the sharing of our resources.

Community Gardens

Community gardens are sprouting up in our neighbourhood! The Pandora Park Community Garden Society is currently accepting applications; they can be reached at Kiwassa has also created a community garden for our programs here at the neighbourhood house, and supports a couple of other gardens in the neighbourhood.

Special Events and Festivals

A special grant from the City of Vancouver through the Hastings Legacy Fund will support our community to create local, multicultural special events and festivals open to all. This is a great community with lots to celebrate and residents and local groups are partnering together to make this happen. For more information contact the Hastings North Community Partners Group (HNCPG) at or visit their web page at to view the events calendar.


Volunteering is a great way to enrich your life, increase your skills, make friends and give back to your community. Everyone has something to contribute.

Kiwassa could not do what we do without the support, energy and commitment of our diverse community members contributing as volunteers. We take our hats off to you.

What are your interests? How would you like to contribute in your neighbourhood?

Talk with Kiwassa’s Community and Volunteer Developer or program staff, to share your ideas and get involved.