Every Wednesday from 2-4 p.m*. Kiwassa hosts a community food market at Pandora Park (Franklin and Nanaimo). The not-for-profit produce market offers fresh fruits and vegetables for sale at affordable prices.

In association with Community Food Centres Canada’s “Market Greens” program, we are excited to also be able to offer subsidies for those that qualify. If someone in your household is managing a chronic, diet-related health condition (diabetes, high blood pressure, etc.) you may be eligible. Now accepting referrals!

In partnership with Pandora Park field house residents Vines Art Festival, we look forward to also presenting a monthly market featuring additional vendors and performances.

Affordable produce and safe social space. Lettuce beet COVID-19!

If you qualify for the subsidy, please have your health care provider complete this referral form. Email, fax, or drop off your completed form and we will follow up to complete the intake. If you have difficulty accessing a health care provider, contact us, we may be able to accept alternate forms of documentation.

*Market time is 3-6 PM on the following dates:  June 30, July 28 and September 22