Season’s Greetings!

in here
the resistance is shrugging off the chalk sky short light cold grind of dreary days hard times and lonely nights
to renew energy among strangers families friends lovers

in here, this place
whether fueled by water, apple juice or presidents choice,
our defense from the doldrums rests on the shoulders of puffy-jackets-and-toque shuffles of a daycare expedition, a fierce line of seniors dancing one more time to your achy-breaky heart,
and a textured, je ne sais quoi bouquet of mostly fresh coffee cookies damn good soup and maybe something lingering from yesterday,

in here, this place, right now
with kitchen clatter of second-hand dishes and cutlery,
JF calling the lobby avatars for reinforcements before time runs out,
three phones ring at once over thunder of food carts up and down ramps under lights being strung,
and a stroller brigade jostling for space in a sing-song gridlock of proud parents and stumbling kids

in here, this place, right now and every day
where just arrived join still settling and always been
to digest languages find comfort share connection food and difference
find strength paths jobs more
where no matter age income gender ability immigration status race language culture
the doors the hearts the circles will be open

no matter what time of year
in here
Happy holidays, from all of us in here, and with all of you out there.



(oh yea…: if you’re tired of looking for stocking stuffers, it’s easy to dedicate a year-end donation to help Kiwassa serve our community!)