Early Childhood, 0-6

Kiwassa offers a broad range of free multicultural programs for all families with children 0 to 6 years of age.  Come meet other families, share ideas and enjoy connecting with your children through play and learning activities in our well-equipped activity rooms. Families can build support networks and connect with community resources. Everyone is welcome!

Kiwassa Family Place offers parents and caregivers with children 0-5 years of age an opportunity to meet other families, and together talk, play, tell stories, and enjoy art, music, multicultural learning activities and a healthy lunch.  Hours: Tuesday to Saturday 9:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  September through July. For more information contact 604.254.5401 ext 230. Penny Henry (pennyh@kiwassa.ca) or Siobhan Barker (siobhanb@kiwassa.ca).

Parent Child Mother Goose Program is a free 10 week group experience for parents, caregivers and their babies or young children.  We use rhymes, songs and stories as the basis for early childhood development and strong relationship building. For more information contact Penny Henry at 604.254.5401 ext 230 or pennyh@kiwassa.ca

Families Branching Out (CAPC) Parents can participate in various parent leadership opportunities and the annual Parent Conference. Families with young children can meet up with families from Frog Hollow and Collingwood Neighbourhood Houses and Thunderbird Community Centre for special events and family outings.

Nobody’s Perfect This 6-8 week free program brings together parents of children 0-6 years of  age. Topics include positive discipline, safety, basic parenting skills, handling parenting challenges. Child-minding and healthy snacks are provided. For more information and to find a Nobody’s Perfect group near you contact Siobhan Barker at 604.254.5401 ext 251 or siobhanb@kiwassa.ca

Child Minding Through Family Place, Kiwassa provides safe, nurturing child minding during parent support programs, and so that parents and caregivers can get an occasional break or attend appointments. For more information contact Penny Henry at 604.254.5401 ext 230 or pennyh@kiwassa.ca

The early years are important!  Significant research has confirmed that the first six years are a critical time to support a child’s ability to learn and create, to trust and to develop a strong sense of themselves.

How we care for children in their early years has a lasting impact on the kind of adults they will become and for their success and wellbeing throughout life.